About us

We are the team to help you craft your tailored Go-To-Market formula

At Group goLocal, we understand how to articulate and execute a Go-To-Market strategy for both B2C and B2B segments, fully localizing your business to expand successfully across Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries..

 The local barriers or frictions leave it to our goLocal Team, more than 12 years helping companies win-big on Spanish and Portuguese speaking target audiences

Group goLocal was founded by Cristian Gallardo, the inventor of the Go Local Methodology, and an experienced leader in Market Expansion between Europe, USA, Asia and Latin America. All our experts have worked on several industries and business scenarios. The whole  goLocal team has hands on experience growing businesses Globally.

At Group goLocal, we understand your needs and your Global vision, while running your marketing and sales strategies as Locals.

Our Team

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