How to run a Go-To-Market pilot in Latin America

Let’s imagine your product is a Software with clients in the industry of retail in Europe or any foreign market. Now you have decided to expand to new markets such as Latin America.

Some assumptions in order to give a concrete context:

Company Industry: Saas (Software as a service)
Client’s industry: Retail
Brand awareness in Latin America: Weak

Go-To-Market Challenge:

Expand to foreign market, for example to Latin America, a region with more than 667 Million People with 33 countries.

Some questions marks:

  • How to tackle the region?
  • How canyou run a quick Pilot to bring the first clients?
  • What are the key players?
  • Competitors?
  • What are the local needs? Market fit?
  • What resources, people, relevant location are needed to conquer the market?

The challenge of business expansion is one of the most important steps for any company in order to keep being competitive today.
A strategy is needed, and so is a system to handle this challenge, the goLocal mindset definitely will help you to identify and eliminate quickly any barrier or friction between your service or product and a specific audience – target group.

The goLocal Methodology: It’s a proof strategy that eliminates the key friction smoothing your go-to-market strategy in any market. If you would like to know more about it, don’t hesitate to ask for a meeting to go into detail about the Methodology.

Let’s continue, for this specific example, we have highlighted some steps worth to incorporate into your business development strategy. Definitely, the second iteration of those suggestions is analyzing in details your solution versus business expectations (Resources, available team, business velocity, and so on)

goLocal Suggestion to build a Go-To-Market Pilot in Latin America

1.- Select the countries to run the Pilot in Latin America
goLocal suggestion: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru

2.- Identify 10 companies per country with different sizes “Enterprise” “Medium size” “small size”
goLocal suggestion: It is better to test different sizes of companies because in Latin America the size of the client could vary versus other markets.

3.- Identify 3 to 5 relevant prospects per company according to your solution. Usually, a good mix is to have prospect with different business orientation. For example Technical orientation, Business oriented, and “Digital transformation”

goLocal suggestion: Having 5 prospects per company and 10 companies per selected market is a good starting point to build your sales funnel having 300 prospects (6 countries x 10 companies x 5 prospects)

4.- Organize the relevant intel of your prospect. According to your company’s resources and set up, you could use a CRM such as Salesforce, Saleslofts, or any of your selections, or just an organized spreadsheet.

goLocal suggestion: Collect the LinkedIn profile, name, surname, email address, telephone number, job title, and so on. Any piece of information from their Linkedin profile or any public source will leverage your chances to engage from the right angle with your prospect

5.- Build the cadences. Having the list with whom to engage now is needed to build the outreach strategy: Which channels, frequency, and content you will deploy in order to obtain a business meeting.

goLocal suggestion: Build the sales cadences with a length between 20 to 30 days combining activities such as Linkedin messaging, emailing, cold calls, voice messaging, and video messaging. Any balanced mix of sales touch will be able to open a door with your prospects.

6.- Relevant content, totally localized to the local audience. Invest time and resources to have relevant content per company size and prospects’ interests. Don’t expect to have success using the same messaging, lines of comunnunication, and Call to action across any company size or prospect profile.

goLocal suggestion: Build 3 lines of content and messaging. For example, find relevant insights for prospects with more technical backgrounds, definitely, this content will not be that relevant for prospects with a business-commercial orientation and vice versa.

7.- Keep religiously the steps of the cadences, that is the only way to gather relevant information to keep calibrating your Go-To-Market strategy.

goLocal suggestion: In order to have success, It takes a narrow cooperation between Marketing and Sales. It’s highly suggested to run a proof of concept in order to build the right strategy to conquer any market, especially in Latin America where the market is huge.

If your products or service is relevant to the retail industry, find below a good starting point.

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At Group goLocal, we understand both the European and Latin American markets. This is a great added value for you as we are able to fully localize your European business and help you expand successfully into Latam. Also, we can help you expand in Latin America in case your business has already been born in Latam. No matter where your Headquater office is, the goLocal Team is ready to help you roll-out your service in a Market with more than 667 million people!