Play as a local in Chile

If you have an online service, such as software, games, or any Saas and you would like to expand to Latin America, this blog could be a great starting point to identify the right angle to takle the region, let’s start with Chile. 

Our goal in Group goLocal is to share with you some ideas on how to win big in this market.

Chile is a country with 19,23 million people, with 88%  urban population. This country is the one with the most  developed economy in Latin America considering some indicators such as Internet penetration (92%), Population with a Bank account (74%), and GDP per capita (13,231 USD). 

Those metrics could give you a brief idea of what you can expect from a business perspective if you have been wondering to expand your business to the Chilean Market / Latin America.

If you are located in Europe then around 13,000 kilometers separate you from Chile, by flight you will need 15 hours from Madrid, UK, and Germany, usually you can get a direct flight from those countries. 

We firmly believe the face to face relationships as the key in the business arena or any relationship, however, this mindset can not stop your business expansion plan to roll out your services or products in a foreign and far market from your HQ. 

Today, thanks to technology and obviously due to the pandemic the business relationship has shifted a lot to online mode, probably it will never replace the personal-live-touch but it will definitely make possible kick-off your go-to-market strategy to any corner on the globe.

Having said that, let’s take a glance at the Chilean Market together.

Some indicators…

Let us share some key metrics that could help us  understand how fertile is the Chilean market for your service.

Let’s focus on Business – Top 30 companies 

It is a good practice to study and analyze local companies to see how they perform in their home market. It is wise to identify shortcuts and local tricks to get ready for the match.

Paying attention to their marketing campaigns, messaging, what social media channels have opened, lines of communications, CTA call-to-action, and many other hints that could help you to understand the local ecosystem. 

Let us share the top 30 companies based on the revenue that definitely will help you to play as a local.

                                                                                                                                                                                             Yearly Revenue

After succeeding  in positioning their products or services in their home market, brave and successful companies often encounter the challenge of expanding to markets that are more distant culturally, economically, linguistically, and where budgets, local specificities, and time zones sometimes differ. 

However this can  give a competitive advantage over competitors, landing first and getting the best strategic spot to compete. 

The Group goLocal team is definitely able to strengthen and calibrate your Go-To-Market strategy, a group of Marketing and Sales experts with several lose-and-win battles on the business expansion arena.

Let’s discover together the business opportunities for your Brand, not only in Chile as well as across the whole Latin America.

Group goLocal, your team for your business expansion

At Group goLocal, we understand both the European and Latin American markets. This is a great added value for you as we are able to fully localize your European business and help you expand successfully into Latam. Also, we can help you expand in Latin America in case your business has already been born in Latam. No matter where your Headquater office is, the goLocal Team is ready to help you roll-out your service in a Market with more than 667 million people!